AMPY – Monthly Meeting

Another offering…

Another representation of the wealth of possibilities and resources within our own town…

Details will be added as they come, it’s always a good chance to connect with other like minded folks and learn about permaculture.

Questions? Call Jesse Tack – 734.709.1176


“Edible & Ecological Landscapes: Permaculture Techniques for Home and Farm”

Presented by Mark Angelini and Trevor Newman of Roots to Fruits. Roots to Fruits is a permaculture design and edible landscaping firm that specializes in the planning and development of abundant, biodiverse, and durable human habitats. They work with homeowners, businesses, and farmers to develop ecologically regenerative and economically viable landscapes that produce a bounty of yields in the forms of food, medicine, and enjoyment.

AMPY – Monthly Meeting

Another offering…

Another representation of the wealth of possibilities and resources within our own town…

Details will be added as they come, it’s always a good chance to connect with other like minded folks and learn about permaculture.

Questions? Call Jesse Tack – 734.709.1176


AMPY – High Bionutrient Crop Production

The last century of farming practices has taught us that forcing out the most produce possible at any cost has a long term drawback – decreased soil and crop quality. 

Today, our fruits and vegetables have only a fraction of the nutrients they had even 100 years ago, and without these essential nutrients, our health is inevitably impacted, and chronic illnesses continue to rise…

How can we return nutrient dense food, or food with high levels of bionutrients, to our markets, gardens, and farms?

Buhr Park Food Forest Work Party

Hi Friends,

 PLEASE NOTE CHANGE IN DAY. We will see if Saturday works any better for folks.  Still working on getting vole proof fencing around the shrubs. If you have hardware cloth or other fine mesh screen you don’t need, we can use a bunch.

Though we posted signs and put out a notice on Nextdoor, we have gotten no response about the items taken from the site. If you know of a wheelbarrow and a wading pool that could be given to the project, we’d like these items.  



Stewardship Activities: (weather permitting)

- Fence & stake any unprotected trees or shrubs

- Wet cardboard and woodchip sheet mulching

- Identify and mark plants to keep around fruit trees

- Identify species that would be support plants for each area


- large cardboard; we have a bunch but we can always use more. Behind bike stores in the recycle bins is a good place to look.

- whatever you need to work outside (gloves, shovel, garden forks, small weeding tools such as dandelion diggers …)

All ages welcome for all or some of the time.  RSVP is helpful, but not necessary.

Tree Planting at Eating Gardens

Eating Gardens is a non-profit with the goal of creating edible forests and permaculture community gardens. Working together with Metropolitan State University in MN and the University of Michigan-Dearborn, Eating Gardens will be planting fruit and nut trees at it’s new headquarters in Belleville. Shane Celeste, a permaculture specialist will be talking about different permaculture options, designs, and techniques as we plant. More info about Eating Gardens can be found at Snacks and beverages will be provided. Dress for outdoors. If you have your own work gloves and shovel we would be happy to have the extra tools for the day. We will be starting between 11 and noon and planting until all the trees are in the ground.

AMPY – Monthly Meeting

Using permaculture principles and ethics we are able to apply sensible, energy conserving and energy generating strategies and techniques to design at any scale. 

How can one design a whole city?! It may seem too daunting, but it is in fact designed just as one would design a low input, high yielding garden. 

Last meeting we discussed the principles and ethics, this time we will put them to use. 

You are all designers already! How do you already design, say, your kitchen space to be energy efficient, space and time sensitive, and multifunctional? 

Join us for several small breakout sessions as we put teams together to design the City of Ypsilanti, a made up or real garden, and one’s personal kitchen. 

Suggested donation: $10.00 or trade equivalent (food stuff, seeds, drinks, crafts, oils, salves, etc.)

AMPY – Monthly Meeting – Introduction to Permaculture Ethics and Principles

What the heck is permaculture anyway?? 

At it’s core, is ethics. An ethical science. 

We study and apply natural patterns.

To help guide our decision making towards appropriate application of patterns, PC uses principles. 

The principles are not fixed at 12, or 5, or whatever number, but instead are distilled from observing natural systems. 

We can borrow principles from Keyline Design, Zero Emission Research Institute, Sepp Holzer, Masanoba Fukuoka, Bill Mollison, Elaine Ingham, etc. 

But how they apply to our design work, that is what matters. And each of us, is a designer. 

Example Principles:

“Everything Gardens”

“Obtain a Yield”

“Use Edges and Value the Margins”

These are not platitudes, but rather speak to the heart of how Nature works, and therefore, how we should work too.

Join us in a group conversation based around Ethics and Principles. Suggested donation $10.00 or trade equivalent (seed, food, drink, etc) 

Happy New Year!

Questions? Call Jesse Tack – 734.709.1176


AMPY – GSC: SWAP in action

Want to see food swapping in action?

Want to join, but no growing space? not even a sunny cement porch?

Want to join, but have no growing experience?

Missed the first meet-up?

Come join us, our last swap for this growing season. You will have all your questions answered. This is another opportunity to get in the program.

If you have no growing experience, we are willing to help you, from germinating, transplanting, growing to harvesting.

If you have no growing space, we have some space to share, 4 miles south of downtown Ypsilanti.

All in all, let’s start growing, get closer to food self-sustained!

Questions? Call Milton – 773.789.8887

AMPY – Rocket Stoves and Playing with Fire

Come out to Ann Arbor for a day of playing with fire and help us build a rocket stove. The goal is to get quick heat for a workshop. Thus, we will not need the Mass portion of the Rocket Mass Heaters. 

We will also build Pocket Rockets – a quick and fast burning device made from coffee cans, metal buckets, etc. 

We will also demonstrate a Rumsford Stove – a very easy radiant wood stove made from bricks. 

We will also use the mighty Chaga mushroom – the tinder fungus – to start fires and hold embers, like our indigenous for-bearers did. 

And more! 

Cost of the event is TBD, but we will most likely as for a $10.00 suggested donation.

Questions? Call Jesse Tack – 734.709.1176