AMPY – Monthly Meeting

Another offering…

Another representation of the wealth of possibilities and resources within our own town…

Details will be added as they come, it’s always a good chance to connect with other like minded folks and learn about permaculture.

Questions? Call Jesse Tack – 734.709.1176


AMPY – GSC: SWAP in action

Want to see food swapping in action?

Want to join, but no growing space? not even a sunny cement porch?

Want to join, but have no growing experience?

Missed the first meet-up?

Come join us, our last swap for this growing season. You will have all your questions answered. This is another opportunity to get in the program.

If you have no growing experience, we are willing to help you, from germinating, transplanting, growing to harvesting.

If you have no growing space, we have some space to share, 4 miles south of downtown Ypsilanti.

All in all, let’s start growing, get closer to food self-sustained!

Questions? Call Milton – 773.789.8887

AMPY – Rocket Stoves and Playing with Fire

Come out to Ann Arbor for a day of playing with fire and help us build a rocket stove. The goal is to get quick heat for a workshop. Thus, we will not need the Mass portion of the Rocket Mass Heaters. 

We will also build Pocket Rockets – a quick and fast burning device made from coffee cans, metal buckets, etc. 

We will also demonstrate a Rumsford Stove – a very easy radiant wood stove made from bricks. 

We will also use the mighty Chaga mushroom – the tinder fungus – to start fires and hold embers, like our indigenous for-bearers did. 

And more! 

Cost of the event is TBD, but we will most likely as for a $10.00 suggested donation.

Questions? Call Jesse Tack – 734.709.1176

AMPY – Monthly Meeting

Another offering…

Another representation of the wealth of possibilities and resources within our own town…

Details will be added as they come, it’s always a good chance to connect with other like minded folks and learn about permaculture.


Southern Michigan Perma-Mixer @ Dawn Farm

Join Washtenaw Permaculture, Abundant Michigan Permaculture Ypsilanti (AMPY) and Oakland County Permaculture Meetup (OCPM) for the first ‘SoMI Perma-Mixer’ at Dawn Farm.

Come share with us! Learn about local community projects, and meet other folks engaged in the permaculture community. Celebrate the harvest with a potluck! Make a lasting impact by planting trees in the 8 acre, Dawn Farm ‘Restoration Agriculture’ site!

Bring seeds and plants to swap and tables will be available to display and sell your homemade products, food, etc. (with the exception of alcohol and drug related goods). We hope to see you there for a day of good food, conversation, and hands-on goodness.

We seek to periodically bring together permaculture community groups from the local region. At this first Southern Michigan Permaculture Mixer we will meet in Ypsilanti, but we are hoping that next Spring or Fall we can meet again to see another site, network, and engage in hands-on skilling. As you drive into Dawn Farm please pull around the main building to the back driveway where you will see the greenhouse, the pavillion, and can park. Please bring a dish of your favorite food to share and label the ingredients for food allergies or restrictions. Kids are welcome though we cannot offer child care at this time. There are animals to pet and much to explore at the farm. 

Register online or email


● 9:30 am – Welcome activities and site introduction

● 11:00 am – Group community building projects

● 12:30 pm – Potluck lunch ● 2:00 pm – Community group presentations ● 3:30 pm – Socializing

Detailed Flow:

● 9:30 Welcome Activities (Pavillion)

● 11:00 Group projects (Field/Pavillion)

● 12:30 Potluck Lunch (Pavillion)

○ Facilitated by Jesse Tack of AMPY

■ Intro circle

■ Dawn farm project/site overview

○ Tree planting

● 2:00 Community group presentations (Pavillion)

○ Facilitated by Bryan Mets of GLPP

○ Representatives of AMPY, OCPM, and Van-Kal Permaculture currently scheduled

○ 15-20 min Closing

● 3:30 Socializing

What to Wear:

● outdoor clothes

● layers

● closed toe shoes/boots

What to Bring: ● lawn chairs / seat pads (a pavillion with wooden picnic tables will be available)

● potluck dish (label ingredients, electric outlets and firepit will be available for reheating)

● drinks (water available on site – no alcohol)

● utensils and dishes

● coolers

● seeds/plants for trade

● shovel, spade, gloves, ice fishing augers, and other tree planting tools

● work gloves

● as DF is a substance abuse facility, we ask you to please abstain from bring any alcohol or drugs

Cobblestone Farmers Market Lunch Fundraiser

Join us for Lunch at the Farm! Sept. 21, 12 – 4 pmYou’re invited to a family-friendly afternoon as we celebrate the Cobblestone Farm Museum and Market with a farm-to-table lunch prepared by Dr. Swaroop Bhojani, Ph.D., Owner/Chef at Hut-K Chaats.

Come on down and enjoy:

Live music by West Park Music SocietyAn all-ages performance by Spinning Dot TheaterChildren’s activities including face painting”Old-time” gamesFarmhouse Museum tours

This is a charity lunch and all ticket proceeds will go to support the Cobblestone Farm Association’s Museum and Market.

Food will be $15/plate; no advance tickets are required.

Sponsored by the Cobblestone Farm Association; supported by: Frog Holler Farm, Hut-K Nutrilicious, Tantre Farm, Green Things Farm, White Lotus Farms, Seeley Farm and Brines Farm.

Fall Seed Share

10:30 am Deliver Items & View Offerings
11:00 am Introductions & Swapping Etiquette
11– noon Open Exchange & Skill Sharing

Who should attend? EVERYONE!
Anyone with extra seed, plants, tree seedlings, bulbs, or tubers to share.
People with nothing to exchange who want to acquire seed and knowledge.
Anyone knowledgeable or interested in seed saving.

“Tomato Seed Saving” Marcella Trautmann (Project Grow)
“Winter Seed Sowing” Monica Milla (The Garden Faerie)
“Rain Gardens” Susan Bryan (Washtenaw County)

Gardening For Neighborhoods: With Jesse Tack

Join gardening and permaculture expert Jesse Tack for a talk on the Collegewood/Roosevelt Triangle (the green space directly in front of 616 Collegewood) in College Heights. Everyone is welcome. I’ll have benches to sit on. Bring whatever else you need to be comfortable. The topic of this talk/conversation will be **Gardening for neighborhoods: public spaces, shade gardens, pattern study, non-toxic lawn care, pathways, soils, water, and community building**. Jesse Tack joins us courtesy of the Hour Exchange of Ypsilanti (HEY). Have you started banking your hours yet? Check out HEY on facebook to learn more.

Where: Collegewood / Roosevelt Triangle (the public green directly in front of 616 Collegewood Street)
When: Saturday 9/13, 12noon – 2PM

AMPY – Hoop Houses, Low Tunnels, Cold Frames, and Cover Crops

Another representation of the wealth of possibilities and resources within our own town…

Local food security depends on storage and season extension. In Michigan, we can grow salad greens, carrots, radishes, kale, swiss chard, and many more through winter — providing much needed nutrient-density through the coldest months.

Come learn from your local community as they share their experiences with you regarding local crop season extension systems. 

No home is complete without winter salads and carrots! 

As usual, suggested donation price is $10.00 with trade welcome. 

This is an open meeting, so tell your friends and family. Bring your grandma and your church buddy!

AMPY – Cottage Industry Food Laws, Farm Production, and Marketing for Sales

“…the greatest change we need to make is from consumption to production, even if on a small scale, in our own gardens. If only 10% of us do this, there is enough for everyone. Hence the futility of revolutionaries who have no gardens, who depend on the very system they attack, and who produce words and bullets, not food and shelter.”

Producers then, need to understand the law, regulations, and marketing techniques to make the permaculture life viable and REAL, not theory-based or dreamy.

Co-ops, farm-networks, CSA’s, commercial kitchens, labeling, processing, growing, licensing, land acquisition, AMPY and Dawn Farm.

Come share your knowledge, experience, questions, and plans for the future of a permaculture network that REALLY provides for ourselves, each other, and local life systems.

The time is assuredly, now. The future can only be permaculture, by that name or some other, a permanent culture that functionally limits all human activity such that they enhance Natural systems resiliency, soil health, water quality, and productive abundance.

To get there we need to be pattern literate with the current system and play by the rules to leverage permanent culture.

Join us, all are welcome. Suggested donation $10.00 or trade equivalent.

Questions? Call Jesse Tack – 734.709.1176