UM Permaculture Design Team Food Forest – Planting Day!

Hi folks!

I am the program coordinator for the UMPDT. We are a student organization at the University of Michigan. Last spring we were awarded a Planet Blue Student Innovation Fund grant to install a permaculture based food forest at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens. We’ve been hard at work all year planning and prepping and have spent the last month building a 1200 ft, 9ft tall, temporary deer fence enclosure to protect our babies until they are bigger.
(Yes, this is a huge food forest!)

We are now in the planting phase and we have put in our paw-paws, apples, and pears but still have hundreds of plants to get in the ground ASAP.

This Saturday (provided it does not rain) we are hoping to get in our nut trees, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries, and could use some help!

If you have some free time and would like to play in the dirt with us Saturday, please join us! We also have a signup sheet with parking instructions here:
That Google signup sheet will be updated, should we have to cancel due to weather.

If you are coming PLEASE be sure to BRING/WEAR:

– long pants and socks (this will protect you from the poison ivy and possible ticks!!)
– closed toe shoes or hiking/work boots (no sandals)
– sunscreen
– a hat
– snacks if you will need them
– a refillable water bottle!!!!!!

Additionally, you can see our progress throughout the year at the following Facebook page:

Thank you!

AMPY – Monthly Meeting

Another offering…

Another representation of the wealth of possibilities and resources within our own town…

Details will be added as they come, it’s always a good chance to connect with other like minded folks and learn about permaculture.

Questions? Call Jesse Tack – 734.709.1176


Southern Michigan Permaculture Mixer

What’s that? 
The Southern Michigan Permaculture Mixer (SOMI Perma-mixer) is an event where all of the permaculture community groups from the Southern Michigan regions come together for a day of learning and sharing. 
</a> <a>Read about the first annual mixer here. </a>

2nd Annual SOMI Perma-Mixer 
Saturday May 23rd 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM 
Connect and share with the broader permaculture community in Southern Michigan. Strawbale Studio (natural building) site tour, hands-on work projects, potluck, festivities and more. 

Register for the Mixer 

SOMI Perma-mixer Companion Class 
Agroforestry and Edible Forest Gardening Design & Installation Workshop 
Sunday, May 24th 
Learn how to maximize forest productivity using ecological patterns. Sustainable woodland management, food production, natural building, forest farming & more. 

Register for the Class

AMPY – Water is Life

Water is Life: Living water, water resilience for home and community, and how to put an end to drought and flood.

Come and learn about drought-proofing landscapes, living water, and water catchment for the suburban and urban home, California, I’m talking to you…

Water is a human right and exists firmly in the domain of the Commons.

Globally, less than 0.05% of the Earth’s water circulates at any given time making fresh water availability a precious resource that demands intelligent design and conservation mentalities. 

Whether we capture and store water in the soil, or in cisterns, or in natural swimming pools, or in ponds, we actually increase the amount of available, clean, and usable water reserves. 

Many school’s of thought consider water storage as a net drain or loss on water’s availability – but it is not so. 

As we slow, spread, and sink water into the landscape – especially one planted with trees – we reticulate water’s life giving properties into the direct environment and moderate the potential cataclysm that flood and drought, excessive heat and cold temperatures represent. 

Water stored in the soils, ponds, swales, etc. still moves through the watershed – creeks, rivers, and lakes – and it does so through subsurface leaching. This again, moderates extremes and allows rivers to flow seasonally and resist summer drought. 

This exact process allows for the re-creation of springs – the greatest source of living water for human consumption. 

In this way, water and water storage strategies increase useable water across the life matrix. This in turn, increases biomass creation and reverses the damage done to denuded and damaged landscapes. 

But there is more. 

Water itself exhibits energy production capabilities, memory and consciousnesses, healing properties, and in turn, can become dead, putrid and toxified if we fail to grok the deep lessons of water, flow, and vortex. 

This is scientific information, not ‘new age’ thinking. 

Most of what we learned about water in high school, has significantly evolved over the past several decades. Yet we still primarily teach about water from outdated information. 

Feel free to bring your knowledge, citations, and insights about water as we seek to evolve our relationship with the ‘blood of the Earth’, for the sake of our species, or simply tin advance our personal knowledge and relationship with the mysterious Water. 

Suggested Donation: $10.00 or trade equivalent (seeds, plants, homemade goods, crafts, etc.)

Come and learn, California, I’m talking to you…

Questions? Call Jesse Tack – 734.709.1176

AMPY – Monthly Meeting

Another offering…

Another representation of the wealth of possibilities and resources within our own town…

Details will be added as they come, it’s always a good chance to connect with other like minded folks and learn about permaculture.

Questions? Call Jesse Tack – 734.709.1176


Buhr Park Children’s Wet Meadow Burn

Buhr Park Children’s Wet Meadow Burn 

Monday, April 6, 4:30 pm 
4:00 p.m.  Seed & trash collecting

(burns in other natural areas in Buhr Park may precede 4:30 pm)

rain/high humidity date: Wednesday, April 8, 4:30pm

Looking for some outdoor fun for the whole family, right here in our hometown?  You’re invited (and invite your friends!) to the annual spring Buhr Park Children’s Wet Meadow Burn Monday, April 6th. Join us at 4:00pm for seed collecting (bring a paper bag) and trash removal, at 4:30pm for the mail burn event.

The main burn event, which will be at the third Wet Meadow (just north of the back parking lot), will begin at about 4:30 with a brief introduction to the project and the role of burns. Trained experts from the City of Ann Arbor’s Natural Area Program will then do a “prescribed burn”. Other natural areas in the park may be burned earlier. (See below for further details.)  One parent says, “It’s quite a sight – my daughter has gone to prescribed burns from age 2 and loves them.  I think it’s quite safe for kids of any age if they’re with a parent.”

We’ll scatter native plant seeds back on the meadows after the burn. Then In a few weeks the meadows will be springing back to life, better than ever.

If the weather permits, consider bringing a picnic supper.  Come and go when you like.  The event is free and open to the public.

Prescribed burns require dry weather.  If the weather looks questionable, check the website or call Jeannine at 971-5870 to find out if the burn is a “go”. If the event is cancelled due to rain or high humidity, we’ll try again on Wednesday,April 8th.  If not then, we’ll postpone to Thursday 4/9, then Friday 4/10. WEBSITE: 

Buhr Park is in east Ann Arbor, at 2751 Packard (on the north side of the road) between Eisenhower and Platt. Bike, walk or drive all the way to the farthest end of the gravel parking lot for the main burn event. Other burns may be at the second, three-basin meadow, on the west side, uphill from the play ground and behind the swimming pool and at the swale garden along the east edge of the park.

P.S. No, you don’t have to have kids to have fun at the annual Children’s Wet Meadow burn! 

AMPY – Monthly Meeting

Another offering…

Another representation of the wealth of possibilities and resources within our own town…

Details will be added as they come, it’s always a good chance to connect with other like minded folks and learn about permaculture.

Questions? Call Jesse Tack – 734.709.1176


AMPY – Insect Hotels at Dawn Farm

Insect Hotels at Dawn Farm: Build your own, learn about our insect friends, and come be a part of the Dawn Farm community!

Why: Pollinators need our help and not just the honey bees, but the over 4,000 native bees of North America and the 10’s of thousands of smaller insect species that balance predator prey relationships throughout the garden or farm.

How: We will have gathered the materials needed to put together your own smallish insect hotel. Bring a drill, gloves, snacks, scissors, water, various sized bits and screws, and materials. Materials that we can use include bamboo, pine cones, straw, corks, etc. Look it up and see what else can be used!

What: Come join a group of life enthusiasts as we install several large insect hotels and then build your own to take home! Build community, take home information on insects and pollinators, and help the Dawn Farm community.

Cost: $20.00 suggested donation sliding scale price. This helps us cover materials costs.

Additional Info: Kids are welcome. Arrive late if you need to. There is a petting zoo of sorts at the Farm. Come see Michigan’s largest food forest!

Questions? Call Jesse Tack – 734.709.1176


AMPY – Fantastic Fungi

Fantastic Fungi: Nature’s internet, mycorrhizal plant relationships, and how mushrooms eat oil spills.

Fungi hold the soil food web together. They gather and distribute nutrients, water, and minerals to their plant symbionts. 

Fungi are conscious. Aware and responsive to their total environment. Fungi can optimize efficiency in distributed pathways better than human engineers. 

Fungi can live off of cesium. Fungi can eat and make non-toxic, petroleum. Fungi can break down cigarettes butts. 

Come learn how to optimize Nature’s tremendous natural internet to your advantage, whether it is for your garden or for a county-wide project leveraging fungi to break down wastes, remediation oil spills, and create jobs. 

Oh yeah, we will talk about mushrooms for food and fresh and dried eating too. We will outline all you need to know about mushroom logs and mushroom cultivation. 

Come for a jammed packed 2 hour education share and invite your friends, family, and city officials!

Suggested Donation: $10.00 or trade equivalent (seeds, plants, food, homemade goods, etc)

Questions? Call Jesse Tack – 734.709.1176


“Edible & Ecological Landscapes: Permaculture Techniques for Home and Farm”

Presented by Mark Angelini and Trevor Newman of Roots to Fruits. Roots to Fruits is a permaculture design and edible landscaping firm that specializes in the planning and development of abundant, biodiverse, and durable human habitats. They work with homeowners, businesses, and farmers to develop ecologically regenerative and economically viable landscapes that produce a bounty of yields in the forms of food, medicine, and enjoyment.